“We All Look The Same Inside” and “Shiny Shoes”

Men In The Making

“Shiny Shoes” and “We All Look The Same Inside” are just a few of the unique quotes gleaned from Men In The Making’s first session in the 2016-2017 series.  Doctor Steven Epstein, a renowned trauma surgeon, gave insight into his profession and was amazed by the pointed questions being asked by the young men of Men In The Making.

Aspiring mentor, Norm Scott, shared a story from his career as an executive with Bank Of America.  Following his retirement, Scott was enlightened by a top Bank of America executive who stated, “The reason I initially hired you was your Shiny Shoes”.  Further commenting that he and the other executives were so impressed with the amount of care Norm had taken in shining his shoes they hired him on the spot.   Doctor Epstein echoed this sentiment by explaining in-depth different medical procedures and the way in which “We All Look The Same Inside”.  Doctor Epstein closed by explaining that the amount of care we give to even the most menial tasks defines who we are.

We’re on our way to an amazing start and seeing all the new faces in our ever expanding program is awe inspiring.