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A progressive initiative focusing on role modeling and life skills to increase minority male success from cradle to college.


“Right Choices” since 2015

Through holistic role modeling and mentoring, significance is placed on academic excellence, social responsibility, emotional stability and cultural acuity in our curriculum and exposure outings. All adult male role models/mentors must successfully complete Florida Department of Law Enforcement background checks in order to be trained and certified as youth advocates and role models.

Our adults’ mission is to develop relationships that positively impact our greatest resource: our youth. Men In The Making focuses on building essential skills needed to become productive, contributing residents of Pinellas County.

2019 Men In The Making

A year of expansive learning and seeing our young men grow from the beginning of the program.  Many young men came back to visit from college, went off to the military, and returned to relive their stories of success with the young men currently in the program.

2018 Men In The Making

2018 was a year of expansive growth, welcoming a larger inaugural class of young men and mentors at the beginning of the year.  The MIM brand gained traction and is now keeping pace with our mission to reach as many youth as possible each year.

Men In The Making

Our Mentors


Serving as a mentor is a matter of listening, offering wisdom and sharing your experience as it relates to mentee’s’ goals.  Mentoring relationships are a shared opportunity for learning and growth. The rewards reaped from being a mentor are as substantial or greater than the seeds of inspiration sewn within the mentee.

Are You Making The... Right Choices?

Being willing to take the time to get to know the participants in the program. Willing to learn new things that are important to the young person and willing to evolve and grow from the experience is what sets our mentors apart.

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